Reading lamp

Idea of making this lamp came to me while squinting at the book in a dark corner of my living room where my couch is. Necessity is the mother of creation. 🙂


Made from a branch of dying mulberry tree in my backyard. The shades are cut, polished and pattern etched glass bottles.


The body of the lamp, made from naturally aged and weathered mulberry was rough cut with a chain saw, planed, sanded and precision drilled for wiring, then finished with oil and polyurethane. Branches show large cracks from uneven drying and a net of fine cracks from weathering. All soft and rotten wood was completely removed. It’s hung on the wall at about 6′ height with two keyhole hanger plates on drywall-type screws.


When the lamp is lit it reminds me of a couple of large fruit hanging off the tree branches.