What, of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?

Fishes and fishing always held a special meaning to me.

I started fishing as a kid, and it got pretty serious quickly. For a night owl, only fishing was a serious enough reason for getting up early in the morning. Fishing was a symbol of independence, getting your own food, being inventive and resourceful.

Diversity of colorful tropical fish led me through countless aquarium endeavors starting with breeding guppies in my early teenage years and all the way to saltwater reef aquarium I maintained up until my kids were born. Sometime during those years, I kept a pond with goldfish, which grew to enormous size by my standards. The biggest one was over 14 inches at the time of it’s unfortunate demise. In tribute to all these fishes, I made this lampworked glass Goldfish:



For those of you, who are interested in how this goldfish was made, I created this video. I hope it can be of use for people who are starting to work with glass in a torch: